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Despite her Intense age, Aunt Hannah is able to do each of the perform close to her household and she routinely walks up town and back again, a distance of a number of blocks. Her eyesight is superb and in some cases at her Highly developed age she does not have to dress in Eyeglasses. She promises her grandfather was a white person and she characteristics her unconventional wellbeing to numerous results in.

"On Sunday dere in the home de coloured folks could get all de water dat ran from de maple trees. De slaves would get via their work for de boss and den dere would sometimes be three days when dey could function for them selves. Den dey would receives a commission for Performing for others and den acquire apparel. Dey had de best boots.

"I can't hardly convey to about de more youthful generation, I can say dat if it was not for de old generation these days de young kinds would go up 'salt creek'. Dey don't need to work. A few of dem is fairly sensible. Satisfaction is de reason dey don't want to work. Dey dress up and strut out and possess a superb time. De outdated individuals is de cause of it. Dey say, 'I don't need my boy to carry out dat; I don't want him to work hard'. I say, Permit him make out de similar as us old individuals did.

"My father come from Perry County. He was named Abernathy. My father's father was a white guy. My white people today come from Castor and dey owned my mom and I had been two a long time aged when my mother was offered.

"I began to get from de wagon and fell down less than de mule and dere I used to click here to read be on de floor. I obtained up and created for de woods and acquired within a gap wherever de hogs was a-wallerin'.

"I determine I lived dis extended 'cause in de initially position, I obey God, I never did consume liquor or smoke in my total existence. I never ever wore glasses but important minor and dat was when I did what small examining and producing I knowed how you can do; 'induce after my little ones went to high school extensive enough to examine and compose for me I just stopped accomplishing dat minor little bit.

"Ah don' rightly know how outdated ah is, but de priest writ' everything down fo' me, when ah's gittin' mah pension. Sho' ah's a Catholic.

"Right after de independence come we could vote, but several of us in no way finished try this it. To dis day I ain't in no way voted. De government has actually been nearly as good to us as dey could. I get ten dollars a month and Consider I should have additional, but I do know dey is offering us all dey can and several working day dey will give us ex-slaves a lot more.

"Our white folks are in a large double property, wid a open hall involving. It wuz crafted of hewed logs an' had a big Extra resources po'ch on de wes' side. De household stood on Cash rivuh, for the crossroads of three roadways; a single road go tuh Pocahontas, just one tuh Jonesburg, an' 1 tuh Pie-Hatten (Powhatan).

"Sooner or later we took de cows to pasture and on de way household I stopped to go to Mrs. Walker and she or he gave me a goose egg. And den after we got house de old mistress kicked me and stomped on us and broke my goose egg. Did'n intellect de whipping but absolutely sure hated to break my egg.

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